Arritt Farm House

project type private residence, private commission
location Potts Creek, Virginia, USA
scope design and construction
completion date January 2007
photography onSITE, Patrick Hummel

The existing house was nearly 200 years old and was built by the ancestors of the two sisters, who are its current owners. Although its colorful, split-face stone foundations, carefully mortised white oak structure, and heart pine, fir, and poplar finishes reflect the quality and refinement of old world craftsmanship, multiple renovations and long periods of inoccupancy had left the house in disrepair making it very uncomfortable to live in.

Our work consisted of the entire remodeling of the house, including the designing and building of a new three-story addition. The goal of the project was to make a house, which keeps the intelligence and charm of the old house while bringing it up to modern living standards. Time tested materials and methods were used to make a well-crafted house, which belongs to this time.